Learning to Dance

Learning to Dance as a Practice

Many people that come to us expect us to tell them the exact number of lessons they’ll need to “feel good” or “wow their guests at their wedding” or “know how to dance together,” but truthfully, there is no magic number of dance lessons. Dance is a practice, much like yoga or faith. Now what do we mean when we say “a practice”?  In this context, the dictionary defines practice as “to do (something) regularly or constantly as an ordinary part of your life.”

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Building Community Through Dance

I’m a dancer because I love music and moving to it. At least that’s what I’ve always said (and there is a bunch of truth to that), but recently I’ve begun to realize that what I love most about dancing is the other dancers and the relationships I’ve forged with them. I feel this most with the team here at Ballroom Dance Chicago. When you dine with others, drink wine with them and share dances and conversation, it’s pretty easy to form real, lasting bonds. And that’s why I blame you, my Ballroom Dance Chicago family, for the strange relationship I now have with social media.

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Everyone is a Leader, Both On and Off the Dance Floor

In corporate America, the cubical worker will forgive his visionary CEO - who seems to have a far greater vision than his own - all sorts of transgressions in order to facilitate the delivery of the CEO’s  all important vision for the company, much like the way a family/community in the past gathered around and supported the needs of a woman giving birth. Yet, in corporate America, as can be assumed in many other walks of life, a CEO who feels superior to other human beings, like Belfort’s character, will suppress the voices of workers whom he relies upon in order to deliver his vision of the company.

This idea of a leader being the all important muse and dictator, has connections with the ballroom dance world in a couples of ways...

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Out to Dance: Ballroom & Latin Dance in the LGBT Community

Building a community of dance, based on the traditions of formal ballroom and Latin dance, in the LGBT is vitally important, especially at this time, when the Supreme Court of the United States of America legalized same sex marriage in all 50 states. We see dance as important right now because this pastime, of dancing with your partner in public - in non-lgbt venues - has been reserved for male and female couples. Our dream at Ballroom Dance Chicago is to see same sex couples take the dance floor, right along with the rest of society, without hesitation.

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Being a Contribution in the Dance Learning Process

From our very earliest age, we are taught that life is something to be conquered and that we have landmarks ahead of us and many tasks to achieve and that there are obstacles that must be overcome along the way. How does that affect the dance learning process? Read more to find out.

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Everyone is an Ideal Dance Student

At ballroom and Latin dance competitions around the world, the most outstanding dance couples gather to show off the skills they’ve been painstakingly developing, often from the time they’re old enough to walk. The judges are instructed that only one couple can win, and that the second and third place dance couples will also receive notable mention. In other words, one couple will receive an “A,” and two others a “B” and “C” and everyone else a failing mark, even though the dance skill of every couple is outstanding compared to anyone’s standards. Imagine the blow to your morale if you are the couple in the requisite fourth or fifth place.

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