First Dance Advice

Building Community Through Dance

I’m a dancer because I love music and moving to it. At least that’s what I’ve always said (and there is a bunch of truth to that), but recently I’ve begun to realize that what I love most about dancing is the other dancers and the relationships I’ve forged with them. I feel this most with the team here at Ballroom Dance Chicago. When you dine with others, drink wine with them and share dances and conversation, it’s pretty easy to form real, lasting bonds. And that’s why I blame you, my Ballroom Dance Chicago family, for the strange relationship I now have with social media.

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Preparing For Emergencies on the Dance Floor

Your adrenaline spikes and you start to sweat. Your throat goes dry and breathing suddenly seems like an effort. Maybe your hands get clammy and it’s hard to think about anything else but how embarrassed you are and that you’re about to crash and burn in front of everyone.

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BDC Student Spotlight: Dance & a Southern Garden Party, Alex & Charlotte Langerman

On a chilly evening in late March, two ‘Honorary Southerners’ arrived at BDC looking to learn a relaxed and elegant dance for their wedding in June. After warming up with a glass of red wine and listening to a few songs they had in mind, Alex and Charlotte decided on ‘Everlasting Light’ by the Black Keys as the song for their first dance. 

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How to Make Your Dancing Better Instantly

“Lift your head up and stand up straight!”

Your parents may have told you to stand up straight countless times when you were young. And they had a good reason for nagging: good posture not only makes you look better but it also makes you feel better!

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BDC Student Spotlight: Gwen & Mikey - Getting Closer Through Dance

“Moving together and expressing ourselves physically through dancing provides a unique thrill, and every time we learn a new step or perfect an old one, we experience a new part of that thrill.”

Mikey and Gwen came to the studio with a plan: learn to dance for the wedding and be efficient about it. 

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How do I Convince My Fiance, Boyfriend or any Macho Man to Take Dance Lessons?

Every so often we hear a woman complain that her man refuses to dance or take dance lessons with her. More times than not, no explanation is offered, which leaves those of us who dance pondering what the real reasons for the refusal might be; us dancers dance because we enjoy it, we see beauty in moving with another human being and we gain all sorts of physical and psychological benefits. But not every household raises dancers. In the United States, very few boys are exposed to dance because it is seen as a feminine art.

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Be Like Mike: How to Prepare for Your First Dance

So, you have spent months learning to dance together in preparation for your wedding. You have mastered all the steps and patterns that your instructor taught you and now it is time for you to impress your friends and family during your first dance. But what should you be doing right before this unforgettable moment to ensure a great performance? Here are a few things you can do to calm your nerves, prepare yourself physically and find peace just like a great athlete does before a game.

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